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CAST (Coming Alive, Scheming Together) is an inclusive event series that connects justice-minded women, and those who identify as women, who love Jesus. It is what you get when you mix women + TED-style talks + a variety show with social justice flare + the Spirit’s movement. We operate as a switchboard, connecting you with ideas, people, and organizations so you can plug in with your unique passions and gifts.

CAST involves two parts: The first features speakers and artists who present on a common theme; the second is a time to interact with presenters and participants to discuss and scheme together around what took place in the first part.


Upcoming CAST

CAST #5: Breaking
March 31, 2018, 9:00am – 12:00pm
Fuller Theological Seminary – Arizona

Breaking: deconstruction of faith.
Brokenness: examining our criminal justice system.
Breaking through: redemption and transformation.

These are some of the conversations and concepts we’ll be exploring together at this three-hour inclusive event for justice-minded women who love Jesus. Join us as multiple presenters speak, sing, and perform on this theme in the first half, and then engage with us in immersive settings and conversations in the second half.

Tickets are available for $10 through Brown Paper Tickets, or $15 during the final two days of sale. (You can also sponsor tickets for under-resourced women who wish to attend – click on the envelope at the bottom of your screen to contact us for more info.)

A portion of ticket proceeds will be donated to Kairos Outside Phoenix.


Previous CASTs

CAST #4: Women. The theme of CAST #4 was Women. We examined it from the personal level of women’s identities, the community level of women in society, and the Church level of women in ministry. The event took place Saturday, September 23, 2017, from 9:00am-12:00pm at Fuller Theological Seminary – Arizona. Presenters included Linda Morris, Terry Smith, and Gina Pollard, with performance artist Crys Waddell; worship leader was Krystle Sanchez. A portion of ticket proceeds was donated to Changing Lives Center. Listen to the CAST #4: Women audio of the first-half presentations.

CAST #3: Waiting. On Good Friday, Jesus died. On Easter Sunday, Jesus rose again. But on Saturday, we waited. Creation waited. Our God waited. Hope seemed dead, darkness the assassin. Call it a cave, call it the dark night of the soul – whatever label you give it, it is a painful time: waiting, hoping, and clinging with nothing but faith that the Light will shine again, that He will redeem our “Saturday”. These were some of the things we discussed at this three-hour event on April 15, 2017, as we explored waiting in three areas: in our personal lives, in the foster care system, and as an oppressed people group waiting on justice. Presenters included Jessica Bhatti, Berisha Black, Chrystal Stewart, and Jenell Holt; worship leader was Krystle Sanchez. A portion of ticket proceeds was donated to Foster Care Initiatives. Listen to the CAST #3: Waiting audio of the first-half presentations.

CAST #2: Restoration. Where are we as people, communities, the Church, and creation broken? What is keeping us from restoration? How can we transcend these obstacles to embrace and advocate wholeness through our Savior? These were some of the conversations and concepts we explored together at this three-hour event on October 15, 2016. Presenters included Renee Ronika, Kit Danley, Amy Jacober, and Alexus Rhone; worship leaders were Rachel O and Suzy Vulaca; and Kristen Miller provided an animation. A portion of ticket proceeds was donated to Neighborhood Ministries. Listen to the CAST #2: Restoration audio of the first-half presentations.

CAST #1: Busyness. How does busyness hinder relationships? Who does being busy well? Why is it so pervasive? What can be done to leverage it for God’s purposes? When must we go against culture and label it an idol? These are some of the conversations and concepts we explored together at this two-hour event for women who want to come alive in Christ. On April 23, 2016, multiple presenters got to speak, sing, and perform on this theme, then engaged with us in immersive settings to discuss and scheme further to carry out God’s work. These presenters included Noel D’Avy, Charith Denson, Mollie Bartholomew, and Jessica S. Marquis; worship leaders were Kerri Jones and Donielle Palomo; and Kristen Miller provided an original animation. A portion of proceeds was donated to Food for the HungryListen to the CAST #1: Busyness audio of the first-half presentations.

Our Mission

Creating spaces for justice-minded people who love Jesus to come alive and take action.

 Our Vision

To get stuff started.
To get stuff done.


About the Founder

Jessica S. Marquis drinks a lot of coffee, but mostly decaf. That is for everyone’s best. She is the founder of Milkweed Ministries, including Verses 3 to 5 and CAST (Coming Alive, Scheming Together) event series, as well as the author of the humorous how-to book Raising Unicorns (Adams Media). She holds an MA in Counseling with a specialization in Couple and Family Studies from Oakland University. By day, she hangs out at home and around Phoenix with her daughter and twin sons; by night, she tries to stay awake to hold coherent conversations with her husband. You can catch her musings on spirituality at Cottonwood Blessings (and her unicorn news updates at Unicornomics).

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